Hair Service
Stylist Consultation

Consultation for any and all services

Women's Cut

Kid's Cut

Hair cut for children up to the age of 12 years old

Stylist Blow Dry

Fab Shine Treatment w/Blow Dry

Olaplex Treatment

Mask Treatment

New Womens Cut w/Helen

Stylist Blow Dry w/James

Colour Service
Colour Consultation

Colour Retouch

Men's Solid Colour


Root retouch that follows the hairline that frames the face for in between color retouches


A gloss to add shine and boost non colored, and color treated hair

Natural Solid Colour

Natural Colour Retouch

Natural Full H/L

Natural Full H/L and Solid Colour

Natural Full H/L and Colour Retouch

Natural Partial Highlight

Natural Partial H/L and Solid Colour

Natural Partial H/L and Colour Retouch

Natural Mini H/L

Natural Mini H/L and Solid Colour

Natural Mini H/L and Colour Retouch

Natural T-Zone

Olaplex Full H/L

Olaplex Partial H/L

Fab Shine Treatment- ADD ON

Bridal Service
Bridal Updo and Trial

Straight Updo

Curled and pinned into a beautiful updo, no wash or blow dry is included in this service

Updo w/ Blowdry

Includes a luxurious wash and blow dry, and pinned up to your desired look

Bridal Makeup no trial

Bridal Makeup w/trial

Bridesmaid Makeup

Makeup Application

Info Card